June 23, 2011

Coaching Info


The purpose of a coaching relationship is to encourage the client toward his/her goals in order to maximize his/her contribution to the kingdom of God. The coach is to be seen in no way as a replacement for a ministry supervisor or as a replacement for the work of the Holy Spirit in the coacheeʼs life. Although coaching is helpful for moving toward the accomplishment of goals, coaching cannot guarantee success.


The coaching relationship will be characterized by the following values:

Honesty: We will speak the truth in love.

Confidentiality: Issue and concerns will not be shared outside this relationship without permission.

Vulnerability: We will openly share both life and ministry issues with each other. Punctuality: We will be prompt for all appointments and calls in respect of each other.

Preparedness: We will seek to complete assignments and be prepared in advance of each appointment.

Initiative: We will contact each other about scheduling conflicts and the need to reschedule with as much notice as possible (24 hour minimum)

Prayer: We will support one another regularly in prayer.



Unless otherwise agreed on, coaching will happen either monthly or bi-weekly, over the phone or in person. Each session will be roughly one hour in length. We will communicate additionally by email as necessary.

This coaching relationship will be initially reviewed at the 3-month mark and afterwards at six-month intervals.



Coaching starts at $100 per month. Talk to me about special arrangements if your massive church planter’s budget doesn’t have room for that 🙂

If you’d like to contact me about coaching, writing or anything else, you can email me at


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