Let Go of Your Ideals

  One of the first things I talk to couples about as we sit down for pre-marital counseling is letting go of their ideals. Not necessarily their ideals about what marriage can be, but their ideal versions of each other. Most, but not all of us, approach dating and potential marriage with a list of[…]

A Model for Discernment in the Missional Church Context, Part 2

Personal Context One of the earliest decisions we made as a community was that we would not have “formal” membership. In those early days, many believed that the desire to be a place where people could belong before they believed superseded the need for formal membership. This meant, though, that we were for all intents[…]

Authority or Influence?

As a pastor, I have authority in my community- but authority is not really what I want. What I really want is influence. Authority is the ability to get people to do what I think they should do. Influence, however, is the ability to move people to want to do what they need to do.[…]

Should the Church Meet My Needs?

‚ÄúIn a recent survey of 1,000 church attenders, respondents were asked, ‚ÄòWhy does the church exist?‚Äô According to 89 percent, the church‚Äôs purpose was ‚Äòto take care of my family‚Äôs and my spiritual needs.‚Äô Only 11 percent said the purpose of the church is ‚Äòto win the world for Jesus Christ.‚Äô‚Äù – Greg Laurie, senior[…]