Franchise ahoy!

I've been predicting for awhile that Mars Hill Church in Seattle would try to plant a video venue here in Portland, notwithstanding the two to four (depending on how you count) Acts 29 planted churches in the metro area.  Then today, I got this Facebook invite: ""Hey guys for those of you who have enjoyed[…]

Driscoll on Stay at Home Dads

I'll try to be careful here… but there really isn't a way to balance this out. I think I need to just come right out and say: The exegesis displayed here is just plain awful.  Someone who claims to value the text as highly as Driscoll shouldn't have such a hard time getting that 1[…]

The Shack- reviewed. At length.

So yes, I’ve finally read The Shack. Forgive me if for many of you the book is old news. I’m one of those guys who tends to shy away from “phenomenon” books- I think we’re all a little burned out on the Left Behinds and Purpose Driven Lifes… In addition, I knew that at the[…]

Mars Hill Worship: Destructor!

All our worship music reflects our theology, doesn’t it… I mean- it’s impossible to write songs about God that come from some generic, theology-free zone. So- from the Reformed Tradition: something great and something… less so. The Church, from Derek Webb” I have come with one purpose to capture for myself a bride by my[…]

Driscoll Reaches New Spiritual Level, Kicks His Own Ass

Oh my… From the Wittenburg Door Driscoll Reaches New Spiritual Level, Kicks His Own Ass07/01/2008 By Jesse Benjamin Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, took a dramatic stand against girly men at a Pastor‚Äôs Conference in Houston last week. The conference, called ‚Äúre:tool and re:load,‚Äù previously billed as ‚Äújesus 2.0,‚Äù featured speakers[…]

STILL “Banned”

To be honest, I had assumed that after being publicly set straight by those who were there, working at the conference, actually handing out the "banned" DVD’s, Mark Driscoll’s blog post would be deleted, changed or at least updated. No dice. What gives? Jon- what’s going on? Why is Mark’s blog assertion that his video[…]

Just when I think I’m out… they pull me back in

I won’t comment much on the recent dust-up over Driscoll’s video at the 2007 National New Churches Convention. I will say this, though. I realize that for Mars Hill Church in Seattle, women in elder/pastoral ministry  (or more precisely, not being in elder/pastoral ministry) is in the "closed hand" of issues/doctrines not up for questioning[…]