5 Lessons from Driscoll

Since Mark Driscoll resigned, there have a lot of “What we can learn” pieces out there. I’ve read a few, and while they I thought they all made excellent points, here a just a few observations I think have been missed in this whole matter. Here are 5 lessons I see coming out of this. […]

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My struggle with Citalopram™

A few years ago I was tired, stressed out and burned out to the point of depression. I had planted a church and while not having it nearly as hard as some others I know, the process had taken its toll. My elders sent me on sabbatical- a rest from ministry life which I gladly […]

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New Post at Out of Ur: The Challenge of Pope Francis

Since his installation, Pope Francis has impressed much of the world with his humility. Shunning the ostentatious outfits worn by his predecessors, the new Pope has exchanged red silk shoes for regular black leather ones, a golden crucifix around his neck for a plain iron one and ditched altogether the furred ermine stoles we often […]

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Genesis Church Planter’s Training


There are just a few spots left for this year’s Genesis Church Planter’s Training. Here’s why you should attend: It is an entire week created to teach church planters about: theology and ecclesiology (why plant a church? what are we after in planting churches? how do we grow the hearts of people in our context?)  missiology (how […]

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Don’t Forget to Grieve

How should we approach Good Friday? I once attended a Good Friday service where the pastor encouraged us to look at Good Friday positively, to see the crucifixion through “Easter eyes.” To be honest, the bright lights and the upbeat music and mood felt to me like a missed opportunity. His intentions were good. He […]

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A Thought at The Beginning of Lent

Lent is an opportunity, not an obligation. While it’s true that God didn’t ask you to give up coffee, sweets or other Lenten-staples, but rather your whole life, often the process of surrendering a whole life begins simply and small: Giving up something that has become too central, too important. In other words, don’t think […]

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Busyness… or Gluttony?

(From the Archives) A paradox has emerged in this new millennium: people have enhanced quality of life, but at the same time they are adding to their stress levels by taking on more than they have resources to handle. It’s as though their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. – David Allen, Getting Things Done It’s […]

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Yet, O Lord God, let me not rest content with such an ideal of manhood as men have known apart from Christ.  Rather let such a mind be in me as was in Him.  Let me not rest till I come to the stature of HIs own fullness.  Let me listen to Christ’s question: What do you more than others?  And so may the threefold Christian graces of faith, hope, and love be more and more formed within me, until all my walk and conversation be such as becometh the gospel of Christ.

O Thou whose love to man was proven in the passion and death of Jesus Christ our Lord, let the power of His Cross be with me today.  Let me love as He loved.  Let my obedience be unto death.  In leaning upon His Cross, let me not refuse my own; yet in bearing mine, let me bear it by the strength of His.”

-John Baillie, A Diary of Private Prayer

We who live before the Audience of One can say to the world: ‘I have only one audience. Before you I have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, nothing to lose.’ … Needless to say, the modern world is light years from the Puritan world. We have moved from the ‘inner directed’ world of the Puritans, in which calling acted as an inner compass, to the ‘other directed’ world of modern society…
“The Puritans lived as if they had swallowed gyroscopes; we modern Christians live as if we have swallowed Gallup polls.”

– Os Guinness