Genesis Church Planter’s Training

Genesis Church Planter’s Training

There are just a few spots left for this year’s Genesis Church Planter’s Training. Here’s why you should attend: It is an entire week created to teach church planters about: theology and ecclesiology (why plant a church? what are we after in planting churches? how do we grow the hearts of people in our context?)  missiology (how[…]

Don’t Forget to Grieve

How should we approach Good Friday? I once attended a Good Friday service where the pastor encouraged us to look at Good Friday positively, to see the crucifixion through “Easter eyes.” To be honest, the bright lights and the upbeat music and mood felt to me like a missed opportunity. His intentions were good. He[…]

A Thought at The Beginning of Lent

Lent is an opportunity, not an obligation. While it’s true that God didn’t ask you to give up coffee, sweets or other Lenten-staples, but rather your whole life, often the process of surrendering a whole life begins simply and small: Giving up something that has become too central, too important. In other words, don’t think[…]