Stop Sawing- Please!

Here’s something I’m wondering about tonight. What is God’s greatest value/character/characteristic? Let’s assume you all went with the Sunday School answer and thought “love,” but even if you didn’t, you can still do this little thought experiment. Now the question is, “How do you know?” Here’s where I’m going with this- no matter what your answer[…]


So This is Christmas…

Advent can be a particularly challenging season for church planters and pastors in younger churches. I remember the first few years of our church plant, Advent was a season of decreased attendance- most of the people in our church were younger and would either travel to be with family over the holidays or head to[…]


Let Go of Your Ideals

  One of the first things I talk to couples about as we sit down for pre-marital counseling is letting go of their ideals. Not necessarily their ideals about what marriage can be, but their ideal versions of each other. Most, but not all of us, approach dating and potential marriage with a list of[…]


Genesis Church Planter’s Training

There are just a few spots left for this year’s Genesis Church Planter’s Training. Here’s why you should attend: It is an entire week created to teach church planters about: theology and ecclesiology (why plant a church? what are we after in planting churches? how do we grow the hearts of people in our context?)  missiology (how[…]