The Best News You are Likely to Hear This Election Season!

Good news, everyone. You very likely don’t have to sweat choosing between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton! For most everyone in the country, your vote for Hillary, for Trump, or for Gary Johnson or even Jill Stein won’t make a bit of difference. Our system is NOT a direct democracy. What you think is a Read more about The Best News You are Likely to Hear This Election Season![…]

Stop Sawing- Please!

Here’s something I’m wondering about tonight. What is God’s greatest value/character/characteristic? Let’s assume you all went with the Sunday School answer and thought “love,” but even if you didn’t, you can still do this little thought experiment. Now the question is, “How do you know?” Here’s where I’m going with this- no matter what your answer Read more about Stop Sawing- Please![…]

Knowing The Difference Between To and For

One of the primary differences between those who make it for the long haul in leading and ministering to others and those who don’t is the level of self-differentiation they are able to achieve. Self-differentiation is the ability to separate one’s intellectual or emotional functioning from that of family or other groups. In other words, Read more about Knowing The Difference Between To and For[…]

New Post at Out of Ur: The Challenge of Pope Francis

Since his installation, Pope Francis has impressed much of the world with his humility. Shunning the ostentatious outfits worn by his predecessors, the new Pope has exchanged red silk shoes for regular black leather ones, a golden crucifix around his neck for a plain iron one and ditched altogether the furred ermine stoles we often Read more about New Post at Out of Ur: The Challenge of Pope Francis[…]

Genesis Church Planter’s Training

There are just a few spots left for this year’s Genesis Church Planter’s Training. Here’s why you should attend: It is an entire week created to teach church planters about: theology and ecclesiology (why plant a church? what are we after in planting churches? how do we grow the hearts of people in our context?)  missiology (how Read more about Genesis Church Planter’s Training[…]