Ecclesia Church Planter Bootcamp: Aggelos 2011

A theological and practical trajectory for missional church planting aggelos is unique in comparison to other church planters training opportunities available. First, there will not be hundreds of people here. More than likely, there will be somewhere between 20-30. This means plenty of room for dialog, conversation, and questions amidst all of the planned training.[…]

Why Church Planter Conferences are SO much better than Church Growth Conferences.

I’ve been incredibly blessed over the last couple of months to be able to attend two gatherings of Church Planters. The first was the Ecclesia Network‘s National Gathering and the second has been Christian Associates International‘s Leadership Summit. I’ll blog more in depth about both soon, but for now- it’s got me thinking about why[…]

7 years ago today…

Last year on this day, March 11th, right around this time, I was standing on the roof of a clinic in a village in rural Haiti, using a borrowed phone to try and call home. This morning, one year later, using terrible hotel wifi, I finally managed to place a Skype call from Spain back[…]