Who should plant a church?

"For instance, one middle-aged candidate didn't pass his denomination's assessment process; they thought he was too introverted and couldn't engage unchurched people. (They also rated him as a 'mediocre preacher'.) Upon further prayer and conversation, they revised that decision. He went on to plant a thriving church in the northeast. Today this pastor has launched[…]

Does It Matter What We Believe About God?

Does it really matter what we believe about God- don't all conceptions of God just point us towards the same unknowable Somebody? Can't we just say all statements about God are equally valid??   "If your conception of God is radically false, then the more devout you are, the worse it will be for you.[…]

Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

Let's have a vote.  Which is more disturbing? 1. That a worship leader, even one with the requisite cool spiky hair,  leather bracelet and untucked plaid would try this or 2. An ENTIRE CROWD would go along with something this demonstrably goofy? (Bonus:  you may also vote for the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey Healing Testimonies)[…]

The Hiro-Chang Theory

(Honestly: I have NO IDEA why I wrote this blog entry…) Here's my theory: The character of Se√±or Chang on the NBC show Community is that show's version of Hiro on the NBC show Heroes. And no, it's not because they are both Asian. I loved the first season of Heroes. And if you watched[…]