Toward a Theology of Sex, Pt 2

Towards a Theology of Sex, pt 2. This is taken from a two part sermon series we did a couple of years ago and owes much to Ben Patterson. I'll post more this week on why I'm posting this now, what I hope Evergreen people and others here and what I hope nobody hears…  […]

The Theology of Sex, Part One

"One of evangelicalism’s biggest problems is we have no compelling sexual vision which makes sense of celibacy as a fulfilling calling. We have little or no sexual ethic except the glorified desire of Hollywood lopped onto heterosexual monogamous marriage. We have no theology of desire formation. It is “lust,” and enjoy it, only while married[…]

End Times Anthem

Okay- Bonus points to anyone who 1. can take John Darby/Hal Lindsey/Tim LaHaye's reading of Revelation and put it into song 2. rhyme "whore" with "sore"- Gold star for the line "When Babylon the whore gets fried." 3. call Barack Obama "the Leopard King." That sounds totally badass.   And just for the record- even[…]