C.S. Lewis on Democracy

C.S. Lewis: I am a democrat [proponent of democracy] because I believe in the Fall of Man. I think most people are democrats for the opposite reason. A great deal of democratic enthusiasm descends from the ideas of people like Rousseau, who believed in democracy because they thought mankind so wise and good that every[…]

Be Careful Little Ears…

This post by Ernest Goodman over at Missions Misunderstood captures pretty well both how we at Evergreen want to view Scripture and how we DON’T want to teach it to our children… Bible Stories Growing up in church, kids always got special treatment. At my church, for example, there was some unwritten rule giving all[…]

Women Elders?

Evergreen has women elders, and the journey there was very much a part of our early story together as a community. As we sat last night during a wonderful elder meeting, laughing, talking about hard situations we're currently navigating, dreaming about the future, realizing we need more people on the team with us very, very[…]

“Why We Meet on Sunday.”

Dustin posted this earlier from a book he's been reading. Excellent thoughts- there are many good reasons to gather in intentional community for weekly rhythms of worship- this is among the more subversive and least understood: ‚ÄúSunday is the key that explains to the world and to the church why we are the church. In[…]

David Fitch is asking questions about Diversity I’m waaay too chicken to ask

The Diversity We Seek: The Danger of Manufactured Pre-Determined Diversity I had a conversation with someone the other day at ‚Äúthe Vine‚Äù about diversity and seeking diversity. At ‚Äúthe Vine,‚Äù we‚Äôre in the process of planting/reviving 2 missional communities and I argued that one of these contexts ‚Äì Hyde Park ‚Äì had to be the[…]