How Facebook is Ruining Me

Some thoughts running through my head today…  There was a time when I think I was much more balanced, much less likely to anger others with my opinions, much more thoughtful of how my words would land with certain people.  And then Facebook happened.  I should say at the outset, the blame for thoughtless words[…]

Haiti- Day 4

Yesterday was our first full day of clinic. Lots of people, a few happy stories (the woman who was told she had an inoperable cancer got to be told at our clinic that no, it was just a fibroid) and many sad one. The saddest are those with the issues that in the States would[…]

Haiti- day 3

Yesterday was packed. After a good, chilly night's sleep (it's been cold here- especially at night- everyone is commenting that it's very unusual), we had breakfast, put on our Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes and piled in the cars to head down the road. Pastor Delamy is a district superintendent with the Free Methodists, and has a number[…]

Haiti- Day 2

Yesterday was our first full day here and we took it a little slow. After a leisurely get-up, we worked in the clinic for a few hours sorting medicines and supplies and pre-packaging some gastro-intestinal packs of pepto/antibiotics and other things to fight off the GI bug that's endemic here.  After lunch we got to[…]

Haiti- Trip there and first morning

What a trip. Almost 24 hours after we left Portland, we arrived in Terre Blanche. The plane rides were fine, though packed. And the PDX to San Francisco to Miami to Hiati route felt long, but the real fun started when we arrived here in country. Lots of people here to help- I've seen Japanese,[…]

This week…

I'm gearing up to head to Haiti on Thursday. Can't say my mind is entirely there yet, but it will be soon enough.  This has been an insanely stressful week- lots of little things adding up, lots of pressure, not a lot of balance or self-care. We always talk about pastors burning out or flaming out[…]