Sick and tired…

    Of this blog mocking me with it's un-updated presence. Only one thing for it then… Time to start writing again. By a sheer ACT OF MY WILL…  🙂

Do Wives Need to Submit to Husbands? pt 4

So. The big question- do wives have to submit to their husbands? In some senses that‚Äôs the wrong question. Paul says in Ephesians, just before writing out similar commands to husbands and wives and children and slaves- he says-submit to one another. Husbands submit to wives? Yeah. Wives to husbands? Yeah. Here‚Äôs what the Gospel says to[…]

Do Wives Need to Submit to Husbands? pt 3

(pt 1 here, pt 2 here) So- why all this talk about slavery? It‚Äôs nice to know, it‚Äôs kind of an academic question, but the one we're really interested in is the question about husbands and wives… Can you think of any reason at all why Paul might want to say something without really saying it? Why[…]

From Ennui to Epic…

I was sitting with a new church planter yesterday, talking. He asked, "So how have you avoided burn out?" And my first thought, honestly? I haven't.  It's not so much burnout maybe as… rust. Ennui.  As I thought and as we talked I came to think that what I'm feeling is something of the natural[…]