The Jet Set

Seems like Evergreener Caleb Crider is in a different part of the world every other week! But these are no pleasure trips… Caleb is a driving force behind the Upstream Collective, a group of people and churches trying to catalyze "a missions movement uniquely focused on Europe, mobilizing missional churches and church plants in North[…]

Rescue Mission

For the past few months I've been taking the family down to the Rescue Mission on the 3rd Friday to serve. For awhile, I wondered if this was really worth it- it was far from the Mission scene in Dr. Horrible– you know, kindly indigents quietly eating their soup with thankful, beatific looks on their[…]


I want to thank everyone who's prayed for me over the last few days. What could have been a hard and "low" period for me has ended up actually being a good time of closure and of thankfulness for my life. I flew down to San Diego yesterday to bury my father. He died and[…]

Recommendation: The Forgotten Ways Handbook

It's difficult to think of a more influential voice in the missional church movement at this than Alan Hirsch. Maybe his writing partner Mike Frost?  Their books have not only defined the questions we need to be asking about church in our time and context but gone a long way towards providing the answers.  The[…]