A little admission on Video Venues…

I have an admission to make on Video Venues.  But first… Recently, one of my favorite sparring partners (and hopefully someday a beer-summit buddy) Geoff Surratt made some startling admissions of his own about Video Venues.  He wrote on his blog: "Will video teaching have unintended consequences? Yes. Can video teaching be used to inflate already over-inflated Read more about A little admission on Video Venues…[…]

Church Planting Opportunities in Virginia

Got this from Ecclesia- check it out if you are interested in planting in the VA… There are several partially funded church planting opportunities throughout the state of Virginia (and Washington DC) available.  These new plants are being started in cooperation with the Baptist General Association of Virginia (www.vbmb.org) and the Ecclesia Network (www.ecclesianet.com).  We Read more about Church Planting Opportunities in Virginia[…]

Portland: Jesus’ Favorite City

From USA Today: Evangelism 2.0 Stereotypes simply don‚Äôt apply these days in Portland, Ore. A conservative Christian minister and an openly gay mayor of this progressive city provide a glimpse of what could be Christianity‚Äôs future. Welcome to ‚ÄúJesus‚Äô favorite city.‚Äù By Tom Krattenmaker PORTLAND, Ore. ‚Äî This city, it would seem, is the last Read more about Portland: Jesus’ Favorite City[…]