Loving the LGBT Community

It's pretty rare I link to something on Challies.com, but… 🙂 This is good stuff.  How can we both love and preach the Gospel to the LGBT community? Is it possible to say "I am your friend" AND "You need Jesus"? And what happens when the topic of sexuality comes up?  This is a great[…]

Evergreener Aubrey Peth on… Measurements.

Love that Evergreen is full of people who process the ins and outs of life in such a Jesus-y (that's for you Anne Lamott fans…  "Gospel-Centered" for you Keller fans) way…  Here's some: Yesterday I had to measure myself for another wedding come November.  I‚Äôm actually really excited for the AZ wedding of my good[…]


"Without the regular experience of being received and loved by God in solitude and silence, we are vulnerable to a kind of leadership that is driven by profound emptiness that we are seeking to fill through performance and achievement. This unconscious striving is very dangerous for us and for those around us; it will eventually[…]

New post at Out of Ur

I've got a new post up at Out of Ur: June 17, 2009 The Sometimes Surprising Price of Success What happens when our people do what we ask? No, this post isn‚Äôt about growing pains as your church gets bigger and bigger or what to do with the budget surplus all that extra tithing is[…]

The Gospel is the Antidote to Everything

Love this- from blogger/pastor Jared Wilson  The Gospel is the Antidote to Everything Submitted by jared.wilson on Wed, 02/25/2009 – 10:20am Once there were two brothers. You know their story, more than likely. One was wasteful, exploitative, wanton, licentious. One was rigid, moralistic, uptight, legalistic. Two brothers with two personalities and two sets of attendant[…]

Pastoral Complaints

"The happy result of a theological understanding of people as sinners is that the pastor is saved from continual surprise that they are in fact sinners. It enables us to heed Bonhoeffer's admonition: 'A pastor should not complain about his congregation, certainly never to other people, but also not to God. A congregation has not[…]