Book Review: The Furious Longing of God

I find the cover of this book telling… Whenever the name of an author appears larger than the title of the book, we're being told something. And that's this: This book is more about the author than the content- the voice rather than the words on the page.  That's not always a bad thing- pick[…]

Bootcamp: Ecclesia Network

I got the opportunity to both teach and learn last week at a church planters bootcamp with the Ecclesia network.  The bootcamp was held in Richmond VA, in a former convent that is now an intentional, ecumenical Christian community on a hill in the center of RIchmond. As the order that founded the place moved[…]

Plant dagnabbit…

(From the archives) Wow… that's, uh… You should totally plant a church! Maybe if I look at it from back here… No, really… you should plant a church! Oh, for pete's sake… plant a freakin' church already! Oh for the love of all that is holy why will you not send some of those people out[…]

Reverse Mentoring

I've had in my head for probably a couple of years now some thoughts on reverse mentoring, and had always meant to write something on it until, like most good ideas, I began to see others were there ahead of me.  But lately, I'm realizing my take on it is different… Most, when they talk[…]


Ahh… the joys of "figuring it out." Five years on, we've both changed and stayed the same, and grown, even as now with multiple gatherings, in many ways it feels smaller…  And with all that comes the challenge of becoming what's next- of loving each other, teaching and discipling, working out all the money issues,[…]