Slow down…

"In a faster world, maybe we need a slower church."- Leighton Ford I'm sitting, thinking about these words, thinking about our community, what it means to be the people of God… Like many, I have a mixed relationship with my evangelical past. There are things I look back on and wish had been done differently.[…]


"More than a presidential portrait," writes artist D'Antuono on a website touting the painting, "'The Truth' is a politically, religiously and socially-charged statement on our nation's current political climate and deep partisan divide that is sure to create a dialogue." Like others in the news who have depicted Obama in Christ-like imagery, D'Antuono insists he isn't[…]

Blog Tour: The Divine Commodity

Skye Jethani has authored a new book The Divine Commodity. It's a top rate examination of the forces that are unintentionally (and in many cases, intentionally and by design) shaping the church in the west along the lines of consumerism.  One of the biggest arguments in this whole discussion is the "If it ain't broke, don't[…]

Recommendation: The Divine Commodity

Skye Jethani has a great new book The Divine Commodity, discussing "consumer Christianity." Others have tackled the subject, but probably not with as much style and imagination. Here's a description from Amazon: "A growing number of people are disturbed by the values exhibited by the contemporary church. Worship has become entertainment, the church has become[…]

The Divine Commodity Blog Tour

I've had the pleasure of meeting Skye Jethani a number of times over the past couple of years- really sharp guy. And tomorrow, I'll be participating (in some way) in a blog tour for Skye's new book, The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity.  I say "in some way", because of recent trips[…]

Good Friday

Some of my most stressful moments as a pastor have been those minutes just before a gathering- when everything is going wrong. Why won't the sound come through this channel? Is the video STILL rendering?? Seriously- they aren't going to be here?  Oh man… One magnifier for these feelings is the whole "big rock" effect[…]

Thank God for crappy dads!

Last week I was meeting over breakfast with some guys I meet over breakfast with… and I found myself feeling the most extraordinary feeling: gratitude for my dad.  We were talking about various and sundry things God is doing, pushing or pulling us toward, and one guy was mentioning how grateful he is for having[…]