Oh , San Diego…

Oh, San Diego… land of somewhat less pleasant customer service, somewhat higher prices and difficult to find coffee shops… the place where I grew up and so the scene of both my best and worst memories.  I'm here to clean out my dad's apartment.  Sure feels like I've been here before. My grandparents raised me,[…]

On the anvil, again…

I think God and I are having a "moment."  About a week ago, I began praying what will inevitably go down as one of the more stupid prayers I've ever prayed: "God show me what your discipline looks like." I was reading in Proverbs where it says "People who accept discipline are on the pathway[…]

Free Download @ Paul Ramey.com

Worship pastor/recording artist and good friend Paul Ramey has had his album picked up for national distribution by Word/Warner Entertainment! It's a fantastic album and is set to be released May 5th.  But you can get a free download, and pre-order the album right here. Go- do it! Now!! Some really great stuff on here… […]

Pastoral Wisdom

"The gospel is not simply about meeting people's needs. The gospel is also a critique of our needs, an attempt to give us needs worth having. The Bible appears to have little interest in so many of the needs and desires that consume present-day North Americans. Therefore, pastoral care will be about much more than[…]


Aubrey takes notes on Sunday.  Today I preached on John the Baptist's message "Clear the way for the Lord"…

Video Venue Churches: Pay your taxes

I said here that video venues threatened the gift of preaching.  And I still mean it- more and more people watching a screen, means fewer and fewer people engaging in the art of teaching a congregation with regularity– communities that once had (or would have had) a teaching team soon will have a campus pastor[…]