More great (CHEAP!) music from Amazon

Amazon is quickly moving past the iTunes store as my top music buying destination- seriously.  Thanks to Reformissionary for the heads up on this Tony Bennett/Count Basie album for $1.99!  What do you get when you mashup John Piper and hip hop? Lacrea, of course…  The latest Ray LaMontagne: And just in case you need[…]

the Cost: Single Vs Married

Did you know things cost different amounts when you are single vs when married?  For instance… let's take something simple. Say I get a craving for some Spaghetti Factory- the Manager's Favorite with half meat sauce and half browned butter and mizithra cheese. MMMMMM! How do the costs break down, single vs married?  SINGLE: 1.[…]

From Wild Man to Wise Man…

It's no secret that I believe the Dude-Theology of certain streams of modern evangelicalism to be off-base and founded in a culturally biased reading of Scripture that misses entirely the thrust of what the Gospel wants to do in our culture, and the kingdom movement that does not pretend there are no differences between men[…]

Dad… and Compassionate Detachment.

My dad almost died the night before last. He lives in San Diego, by himself in a small apartment. We have to have a cleaning lady come in to keep the apartment since on his own, he'll leave trash, food, whatever to rot. The neighbors complained, so we got some help. She discovered him laying[…]


I've been thinking through the issue of why I haven't been blogging as much… that's probably a nice way to put it, yeah? Truthfully, these last three months have found my blog laying by the side of the road like a wounded lemur. Will no one stop to help? Anyway… I've been (somewhat) enjoying the break,[…]


I have hope this morning- no not the messianic hope that President Obama will fix all that's wrong, but the hope of fresh starts and (somewhat) clean slates. The hope that with a new Administration will come a renewed sense of civic spirit and sacrifice and so the end of both selfish conservatism and selfish[…]

Poll: Church Budget

Okay- I'm curious. We just finished EG's 2009 budget last night (I know, I know… a tad bit late). We've always tried to keep it seriously streamlined- last year we pegged it at about $100 per month per adult.  This year we grew a lot and if we kept the $100 pmpp target, we'd be[…]


Resolved: Fewer ellipses… (dang it!) Fewer smilies 🙁 Shorter sentences (seeing as how my run-ons drive some people nuts, and yes, I'm looking in your direction Sarah!) Deeper breathing Less feeling of obligation around things that aren't (like blogging) More feeling of obligation around things that are Less Bob More Jesus (Its okay to still[…]