"Those who say that children must not be frightened may mean two things. They may mean (1) that we must not do anything likely to give the child those haunting, disabling, pathological fears against which ordinary courage is helpless: in fact, phobias. His mind must, if possible, be kept clear of things he can't bear Read more about Wisdom…[…]

Glad I could help…

LOVE that someone on the east coast just found my blog with a google search for “Christmas Eve sermon”. Talk about cutting it close! Merry Christmas Mr (or Ms) Last Minute. Hope it helped!

Disappointment- the True Meaning of Christmas (kind of).

So, we've canceled our Christmas Eve service for tonight. There's new snow coming, another winter storm warning, and the Chapel where we were going to have our gathering has parking lots that haven't been plowed (not to mention it sits on top of a hill that some might have trouble making it up)… I'm disappointed. Read more about Disappointment- the True Meaning of Christmas (kind of).[…]


"How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytise?" 3 videos, same point.  Good to hear a (seriously rabid!) atheist like Penn talk about evangelism this way. And Elaine has a point.  And one more tying together this post and the one before it 🙂 ht: Bill Kinnon

We had to burn the village to save the village…

Cutting back individual liberties to save democracy, abandoning the free market to save the economy… and now one more.  Putting the Bible on the shelf in order to better follow Jesus.  I wasn't going to get into this, but…  Adam Walker Cleveland has posted "The Bible & Homosexuality: Enough with the Bible Already" and stirred Read more about We had to burn the village to save the village…[…]

PB Balls

1 12oz Jar of Peanut Butter 1lb powdered sugar 2/3 cup butter (softened) 1 bag choc. chips 1/2 stick paraffin 3 cups rice crispies Mix butter, PB and sugar all together Use hands to smoothen. Roll into balls.  Melt chocolate in double broiler (1 pan with chocolate set inside pan with boiling water) and parafin.  Read more about PB Balls[…]

Glad on Advent

How I miss Glad and Scott, two Evergreeners traveling the world, serving others… Here's a bit of Glad on Advent. I really encourage you to click through and read the rest.  It was approaching 6 am, and the world was slowly turning grey around us. Scott and I were huddled together at a little bus Read more about Glad on Advent[…]