Praying for John and Heather Johnson

For those who know John Johnson from Western Seminary/Village Baptist/Trinity in Holland- I just got this… "Please pray for Heather Johnson and family. She had a stroke or aneurism or something last night. They have her in a drug-induced coma now at St. Vincent's, and apparently can't find out more until the brain swelling goes[…]

Blog Hiatus

Hey all- sorry about the dearth of posts.. I think I'm going to take a blog-break until December. Throw me on RSS and check back then! I'll keep working on the Story posts as well as begin working systematically through the foundational thoughts and principles that went into making evergreen.  Thanks!

The Perfect Video…

I love this. I can think of about 15 different tension points that regularly converge on this blog (Calvinism vs Arminianism, Crappy Christian Culture vs Quit Making Fun of Christians, Anything Having to DO With KJV ONLY Colleges, etc) that this video hits. Also, it's just really bad.  Enjoy. And tell me what you think[…]

Story… pt 5

In coming back to Portland, I was both coming home and leaving home.  Burned out, spiritually adrift, lost in a number of ways, I was coming back to what was familiar- the last place that had been "home." But I was also leaving- dropping out of ministry, saying things like "If I never enter another[…]

Give it away…

Had a great couple hours yesterday talking with one of the pastors of the large church that helped launch Evergreen (by, uh, "releasing" me into ministry!) yesterday.  It was an interview for a school project, and also a chance to catch up just a little… Good to talk about what's gone into the making of[…]

Armed guards at church gatherings

I know I'll get flamed for this… but this kind of anticipating meeting violence with violence creates a false sense of security and subtly negates the Gospel by substituting… well, you tell me: ""We live in a sinful world and people do crazy and irrational things," said Davis, a member of the Highview Baptist Church[…]