Bro Maynard on big changes at Emergent Village…

"Big changes at EV, and I heard it first on Twitter, wouldn‚Äôt ya know it? ‚ÄúMINNEAPOLIS, November 1, 2008‚ÄîEmergent Village today announced a major change in structure that will position it less like a traditional non-profit organization and more like a social networking organization.‚Äù (from the press release). The Letter from the Board to Friends[…]

This too shall be made right…

people love you the most for the things you hateand hate you for loving the things that you cannot keep straightpeople judge you on a curveand tell you you‚Äôre getting what you deservethis too shall be made right children cannot learn when children cannot eatstack them like lumber when children cannot sleepchildren dream of wishing[…]

story… pt 4

My first contact with Mark Driscoll had been a phone call in the late summer of '97. I was getting ready to graduate seminary, was looking high and low for a job, and had been doing some pre-pre-emergent kind of talking in our classes at Western. Someone suggested I call this guy in Seattle who[…]

Seeing People as Sinners

"The word sinner is a theological designation. It is essential to insist on this. It is not a moralistic judgement. It is not a word that places humans somewhere along a continuum ranging from angel to ape, assessing them as relatively 'good' or 'bad.' It designates humans in relation to God and sees them as[…]

This post is mainly for my mom. :)    Recent stuff I've done, "out and about" Leadership Journal, Fall 2008- "Pastor Heal Thyself" (online here) Out of Ur- I'm a regular, monthly (roughly) contributer- latest piece here  Collide– It's not out yet, but Collide has already started the conversation around the cover piece done by myself[…]

Story… pt 3

Europe was an amazing adventure, and a fairly lonely time as well. I was a 27,28 year old in an expat church that looked mainly like 0-18 and then 35/40-60. I sat smack in the middle of an age gap with folks ten years on either side of me, and though they were good, caring[…]