UPDATE: Someone realized just how weird and creepy this is, because this video has been scrubbed from the internets! It's not even on their own website anymore  I'll repost when I refind.  We‚Äôre gonna spread happinessWe‚Äôre gonna spread freedomObama‚Äôs gonna change itObama‚Äôs gonna lead ‚Äòem We‚Äôre gonna change itAnd rearrange itWe‚Äôre gonna change the world. Read more about MessiahWatch[…]


I'm writing this on Windows Vista, running on my MacBook. Why does that matter? Because earlier today, Windows wouldn't start up. It decided, randomly, that it wanted to be activated. Again. It wanted to be activated again this morning, just 1/2 hour before our worship gathering started. The worship gathering at which we use MediaShout, Read more about Someday…[…]