UPDATE: Someone realized just how weird and creepy this is, because this video has been scrubbed from the internets! It's not even on their own website anymore  I'll repost when I refind.  We‚Äôre gonna spread happinessWe‚Äôre gonna spread freedomObama‚Äôs gonna change itObama‚Äôs gonna lead ‚Äòem We‚Äôre gonna change itAnd rearrange itWe‚Äôre gonna change the world.[…]

What’s next?

After a season of internal peace and enjoying the place our community is in, I'm feeling some of the old pressure again. The good news is that it's the kind of pressure brought on by good things happening. Some of the fastest growth (from 120 or so in January to about 180 adults now) we've[…]

What we wasted…

Remember when the whole world was behind us? Remember when we could wave a flag with pride?  This was, a far as I'm concerned, the greatest moment in rock history (hush up, you rock snobs with your Beatles, CBGBs and indie shows- this one actually mattered). It was also a high point after 9-11 I[…]


I'm writing this on Windows Vista, running on my MacBook. Why does that matter? Because earlier today, Windows wouldn't start up. It decided, randomly, that it wanted to be activated. Again. It wanted to be activated again this morning, just 1/2 hour before our worship gathering started. The worship gathering at which we use MediaShout,[…]

On the night of the great Debate…

Just a friendly reminder from Derek Webb. Whether you eventually vote for Obama, McCain, Nader or Barr, don't forget… In God we trustand the government is on His shouldersin God we trustthrough democracy and tyranny alikein God we trustHe uses both good and evil men in God we trustso we fight for peace and He[…]

Multi Site the Low Tech way….

I'm in the middle of putting together a back-and-forth for Collide Magazine on Video Venues with a campus pastor of our friends up North, Mars Hill.  With that in mind, here's a piece I did last month for Out of Ur (a great blog by Leadership Journal that you should totally be reading). This isn't[…]

Start a Kiva Group for your Church Community

Right now our government is contemplating a $700 billion bail out for Wall Street. Meanwhile, it's been estimated that with $5 billion, we could save the lives of 6 million of the poorest children in the world.  Which do you think we'll do?  Clearly, government isn't the solution. But maybe you and I can be[…]