How you know…

… you’ve had one too many of those leave-the-house-in-the-morning, work-all-day, come-home-after-the-kids-are-asleep nights:Me: Bye, Jack! I love you! Jack: Bye, Daddy! See you tomorrow! Me: … Crap!

Sacred Rhythms 2

"It’s not that I am averse to technology; I too have a cell phone, an office phone, a home phone and an email address, and they are much needed. However, I am aware of longings that run much deeper than what technology can address. I am noticing that the more I fill my life with[…]


We in the emerging church don’t talk enough about worship. There are other things we don’t talk nearly enough about, but nothing quite so important… And until we become a people who worship God first and foremost, with our lives, our actions, our words, we’ll never be doing anything more than just playing at church.[…]

Ladies and Gentlemen…

I give you, quite possibly, the most ignorant, wrong-headed critique of the emerging church EVER. (And brother, that’s saying something!) I give you: Why Al Qaeda Supports the Emergent Church I was pretty sure… actually, I was hoping this was a joke. It’s not. That’s right you lefty-loving, Osama-cuddling, cappuccino-sipping, truth-relativising, surrender monkeys… YOU are[…]

Sacred Rhythms…

"One of the new challenges for our generation is the impact of technology on our spirituality. This warrants serious consideration. If we are not careful, technology has a way of compromising our ability to be present to ourselves, to God and to each other- all of which are fundamental elements of the spiritual life. I[…]

images for 7.22.07

Psalm 10 1 O Lord, why do you stand so far away?      Why do you hide when I am in trouble? 2 The wicked arrogantly hunt down the poor.      Let them be caught in the evil they plan for others. 3 For they brag about their evil desires;      they praise the greedy[…]

Driving by Zen…

There’s a great line in one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books where Ford says to Arthur something along the lines of "I drive by Zen. I don’t often get where I’m going, but I usually end up where I need to be."That pretty much describes last week for me… After a few[…]

images for 7.15.07

Psalm 121: I look up to the mountains‚Äî      does my help come from there? 2 My help comes from the Lord,      who made heaven and earth! 3 He will not let you stumble;      the one who watches over you will not slumber. 4 Indeed, he who watches over Israel      never slumbers[…]