phriday is for phishing

A Friday around the room of people/places who dug/took issue with recently (wherein bob shamelessly links to others who have linked to/mentioned him…uh, all in an effort to gin up some technorati points)… Middle Kid/Caught in the Middle has named me as a "thinking blogger"! Rock on. He says: "Bob is pastor of the[…]

images for 4.29.07

This week we continue on in James… dealing with the metaphor of God’s Word as a mirror revealing not only truth about God, but about ourselves as well. Also, pure religion is  …

Preaching with Dialogue… pt 3

It’s been a while since I wrote on this… And much of what preaching with dialogue is can really be inferred from my post on what it is not. But let’s think for a bit on what preaching with dialogue is, and sometime next week, we’ll talk some mechanics… some lessons I have learned (and[…]

Homeless Bob

Okay… here’s the story. And yes, it’s funny. Kind of. At least, people keep laughing, so… Yesterday morning I was up around 3. In bed ’till 4, but up at 3. And then Jane started crying. So, I took her downstairs, got settled in my chair with my computer on my lap, near my bible,[…]

Organic Community…

"Sometimes we focus so much on building a ‘healthy church’ that we forget to tend to the health of people." – Joe Myers, Organic Community In the short, 3 year history of our little pub church, I’ve put only two books in the hands of our elders (I need to do more of this, but…).[…]


Sign #1 it’s time to make some changes/take better care: When your 10:30 appointment says “You look kind of like a homeless guy today.” And yeah… he’s right. More on why and what I need to do about it later.


There’s something really depressing about watching a 40-something be interviewed for a job at Starbucks by a 20-something. “Tell me about a time you experienced conflict in the workplace… Why do you want to work at Starbucks?” and so on… I always to to tune those out, but sometimes, they’re sitting right in my field[…]

images 4.22.07

We’re working through the Book of James… with these I want to continue the visual theme of the nature images James uses (in this case waves) as well as suggest the idea of a prayer (like for wisdom) and an answer (the dawning light)… as well as “Every good and perfect gift is from above,[…]