April Next Wave

April’s Next Wave is the 100th! Eight years of emerging church goodness… I’m looking to do a combination best-of/Where are we now? edition… So- If you have some articles/thoughts on where the emerging church is now, where it’s going, etc. send ’em to me asap at bob at evergreenlife dot org. Thanks all

attractional vs missional

Alan Hirsch, who (along with Michael Frost) in the amazing Shaping of Things to Come, further defines the “missional vs. attractional” question here. “I think the use of the term attractional is a tad ambiguous, but because I am partly responsible for introducing it into the broader conversation I have to stick with it. What[…]

The Dangers of Easter- redux

I’m working on some thoughts on where we’re at as a community right now… forgive the lack of blog posting here- I’m having a block. I don’t like it, but I haven’t yet sussed out all the reasons for it, so apparently, I’m incapable of moving on 🙂 At any rate, here’s something I wrote[…]

Sellin’ out!

I’m selling out! That’s right! Not becoming a wholly owned subsidiary, but… I got an email this morning: “Hi Bob, I’m interested in buying an ad on http://evergreenlife.org/2005/08/next-emergent-facial-hair-style.html. I can pay $30. The ad is for a company that sells luxury shaving kits (good for beard maintenance…) Let me know if you are interested and[…]


The ugly side of complementarianism. Throw John MacArthur under the bus? I think every pastor should have someone who interacts with their sermons like Chris does with mine… 🙂 The Southern Baptists are bound and determined to drive every thinking Christian out of their denomination…


So… does anyone really believe that a movie by War on Terror fan Frank Miller (one of my favorite comic authors, by the way) about a group of brave men, believing their life of freedom and democracy to be at risk, leaving home to fight the Persian enemy over there so they don’t have to[…]