I was updating our podcast just now, and checked us on iTunes… don’t know if it’s working right/updating correctly, but… I DID notice that people listening to evergreen are also listening to some other folks… Like Joel Osteen. I really, really, really want to know who subscribes to evergreen AND Osteen.

Preaching with Dialogue… pt 2

What It Ain’t… When I hear people criticizing the concept of preaching with dialogue, 99 times out of 100 what I am hearing bears little relationship to what I have personally seen and done in this area. Somehow, the straw man of a group of people with little knowledge of Scripture, sitting around in a[…]

blog bling…

Okay- now that the hoopla from the New York Times article has died down… I’m going to debling my blog. And hopefully my mom (and other Internet Explorer users) will be able to read it again without having a “stack overflow” error that crashes their whole machine. Ahh… Microsoft.


There are nights when going to the Brass to be with the guys feels like a drink of cool water… easy, refreshing. And there are nights when it’s a bit more like… work. Last night? Work. Don’t worry guys, it’s not you- it’s me. Some nights I have no personal reserves left, and so not[…]

Preaching With Dialogue… pt 1

First some disclaimers… I’m not an expert. The only thing I offer in this area is some experience, and some lessons I’ve learned over the last couple of years. As my friend Mark says, “Your mileage may vary.” Second, I believe in the gift of preaching and its place in the local community. Proclaiming God’s[…]

day off…

For those who have any interest at all in the Way of The Pastor… I’m considering switching my day off. Give me some thoughts/feedbacks/your practices over on Pastor Hacks.Net

whoa, pastor!

A couple of days ago, I posted about the book My Lover Is Mine: Words And Images Inspired by the Ancient Love Poetry of Solomon. I suggested that it would make a great Valentines Day gift either for or from a pastor. Someone took me up on that… And, uh… then some. (Here’s a screenshot[…]

Hidden in Plain Sight

Here’s an interesting book… (full disclosure: I was sent this for review) This is one, that on the face of it, I didn’t have much interest in. It seemed to be the standard evangelical publishing “Christian life” book. I put it on the stack and just got to it this morning. But… The first thing[…]

preaching with Dialogue…

I’m planning a series for next week on preaching with dialogue… much of the criticism I read of “dialogical” preaching is criticism of things I really don’t see anyone doing, leastwise myself or others that are heavily promoting this practice… So what I’d like to know as I organize my thoughts: What questions are there?[…]