Furious Pursuit…

Tonight, my wife’s family is here for the holidays… they’re all down in the playroom right now, and I’m in my office doing some puttering. I picked up a book I was sent for review and cracked it open… “Actually, weariness may not be the best word for what we experience from time to time.[…]

Best of 2006/Bob.Blog… Aug:

Having been a complementarian and having argued the position a lot over the years, let me give a word of advice to young complementarians as to which argument to drop out of your repetoire. It’s this one: “[Our church] like Jesus did, only appoints men to the highest position of spiritual leadership.” a word for[…]

Best of 2006/Bob.Blog… July:

“As we drove away last night (literally through and over exploding fireworks) I shared with Chris such a huge feeling of love for our church community. I feel loved and taken care of. I feel so much love for these people and I feel like I am helping to take care of them.” Karli on[…]


I don’t often post things to pray about, but I know many church planters read this blog and can relate, so… If you think of it today, pray for Drew and his family. No accidents, or health crises, thankfully- but something weighing on them nonetheless. Drew planted a church about a year and a half[…]

books roundup

Some books I’ve received for review recently, haven’t quite gotten to yet but wanted to make sure I mention… I actually started Divine Nobodies: Shedding Religion to Find God (and the unlikely people who help you) and was really enjoying it before I got sidetracked… if you are a fan of Donald Miller, I think[…]

Thank Yous…

I’ve decided to pray more over the next few days, but about less… I think the next couple of days will be primarily about “thank you”s. I’ve been thinking a bit about this yesterday, this morning, and I can see that they are all connecting in my head, so I better write about them… There[…]

Best of 2006/Bob.Blog… June:

“Why gather? If the “small group” of christians contains everything the body of Christ needs to reproduce and transform society, why get together in large groups on a weekly basis? How do you answer that question?” Why Gather _______________________________ _______________________________ I’ve been reflecting this last week a bit on some of the dangers of preaching…[…]

Best of 2006/Bob.Blog… May:

So, a bit of processing on this week. I have a daughter. Whoa. How did that happen? (No smart remarks, please…!) Our Jane Elizabeth was born at 11:18am on Tuesday, May 2nd. She doesn’t look it, but she was 8lbs, 1 ounce. What a Week _______________________________________________ If theologicial debates make your eyes roll into the[…]