The Great Giveaway…

“As I have interacted with various members of these [emerging church] groups, however, I have noticed on the one hand a propensity to react against evangelicalism’s modernity with versions of Christianity that look similar to classic Protestant liberalism. On the other hand, some emergent and/or self-described postmodern churches look like more extreme versions of self-expressivist Read more about The Great Giveaway…[…]

November Next Wave

November’s Next Wave is taking shape… But I would love your input. If you have an article on faith, spirituality or church, culture and/or the interplay between the two… a book, movie or music review… or just some good writing, email me.

taxonomy- people who want you and people who need you…

As a pastor, a fact of life that you come to grips with (or better come to grips with) pretty quickly is that your supply of avaliable time is exceeded by the amount of people and needs that demand that time.

I’ve been thinking in taxonomies lately… maybe I’ll be writing about a few of them.

But this one is in my head this morning- both as something that is currently guiding me and something that needs to guide me more and more- as my kids get older and as my church community grows, who gets my time?

First, my wife. She needs more of my time than she’s getting right now. More of my attention, too.
Next, my kids. Jack is definitely getting to the point where dad’s attention is becoming more and more important. I think to Jane I’m still the one who doesn’t have breasts, but still… both of them need Dad.

Next is my family here in town- my mom, my stepdad. They need more of me than they are currently getting…

My church community needs me. It’s my calling, my passion and my job, all wrapped up into one.
So, here’s how I break that down…Image4366253d5ca011db