MediaShout on a Mac???

We had given up all hope… and then there was CrossOver. Run any Windows program on your INTEL-BASED (sorry) Mac. I’ve installe MediaShout 1, working on 2 and/or 3… I’ll let you know if it works. Until then, check out CrossOver

Hyatt out!

Okay… even though it almost happened on a number of occasions with Sweet Potato Pie, Starbucks has finally done it. They have made me leave a store because of the music they are playing… What pushed me over? Actually- a combination of two songs, back to back. Led Zepplin (who comes to a coffee shop Read more about Hyatt out![…]

Colossians Remixed…

We begin a series on Colossians this Sunday, walking verse by verse through Paul’s letter to the community of Jesus followers at the Greek city of Colossae.

To prepare, I’m reading Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat’s Colossians Remixed:Subverting the Empire

In it, they wonder what would happen if a letter like this was written to us today, at the beginning of the new millennium? What if we took the exact same themes that Paul wrote to them (believers in Colossae) then, and wrote them to us (Believers in Western society), now? They say:

“This isn‚Äôt such a novel way of approaching an ancient text. In fact, when rabbis read the Torah to the Jews of the Diaspora, they did precisely this kind of thing. Recognizing that their congregations did not understand Hebrew, the rabbis would have to translate the text as they read. And their translations were not literal. Rather, they would update the text, apply it to the changing context and put it into
contemporary idiom. The result of such interepretive exercises were called targums, extended paraphrases on the text.”

Here’s their targum, their paraphrase for today of Col 1:1-14, our text for this week…
Rehearing Colossians 1.1–14 in the Context of Disquieted Globalism

Brian and Sylvia, disciples of Messiah Jesus by the grace of God, to the covenanted community of faithful brother and sisters in Christ in the totally wired world of the new global economy.


And now for something completely different…

Ahhh, and on a less-grumpy note… Evergreen is growing. We were missing an astounding number or regulars and still had our second largest gathering ever last week… it seems like new people are coming out of the woodwork. And the cool thing? They are the people we started evergreen for. The unchurched, the formerly churched… Read more about And now for something completely different…[…]

The Empty Pulpit…

902pulpit_1(I was actually working on this post this morning and put it in “marinate” mode for finishing later… now I see Slice has posted on the same thing… Man I hate it when we have similar ideas. Few things disturb me more…Ugh… Anyway…)

Drew Goodmanson had some good thoughts on Five Trends for Future Church Planting… you can check them out here.

All good stuff, though I wanted to say a word or two about number 5…

More churches will be planted without the role of a preaching pastor. Many church plant organizations will promote the use of ‘best of’ or license videos from top preachers across America. Already there have been churches who have licensed Willow Creek material for tens of thousands (I heard $50k) a year. Others will simply pick series that they believe will draw the biggest crowd. There already is one church plant that has grown to over 600 within a couple months using this method. (Someone could probably make some good money by contacting all the ‘big name’ pastors and create a company that licenses their work to churches.)

The first thing I’d like to say is “Please God, no!” 🙂


top 5…

What's the Best Reason to Plant Churches? Never candidate with a search committee again! You can finally use all that cool emerging lingo! (It's not a "service"… it's a "gathering"!) No more freakin' TPS Reports… Free pound of coffee a week from Starbucks! (Just kidding, but wouldn't that be cool?) Because Jesus is the hope Read more about top 5…[…]

Oh, Spencer…

Spencer, you’re killing me here…

(Warning- this started off as a short, breezy commentary on a couple things from Spencer’s book. A few hours later, my fingers are tired from typing and I’m cussing. Read on at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you. I didn’t intend to open up a can of Driscoll, but…)

Still reading a Heretics Guide to Eternity. Still not liking what I’m reading. I can see where this seems to be going, and it frustrates me. It frustrates me because I spend a lot of time arguing with schismatics that the emerging church is not rife with heresy and heretics (in the actual non-cool meaning of the word), and those same schismatics are going to make hay with this book…

I realize that’s not Spencer’s fault. He’s just honestly trying to describe his ideas. But at this point, with all the criticism of the emerging church and the inability of the critics to differentiate between individuals and the whole, Spencer’s book equals a whole lot of ‘splainin’ for a whole lot of us… A lot of us who see good in the emerging church, but definitely do not reside in its outer reaches of doctrinal revisionism. Yes- there are some who have lost the plot, who seem to have come up with some creative reasons why we don’t need to make disciples of all nations. But they don’t describe the vast majority of us who are trying to contextualize salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ for a postmodern, post-Christendom world.

More on the book itself-