help me help Doug

Oh, c’mon now… I need more of you to vote for my review for Doug’s book (and while you’re at it, click on “see all my reviews” and vote for those as well)! Help a brother help a brother out!

oh for pete’s sake…

Yet another person has come to my blog through a google search for “stapled my finger.” Aye carumba… I can not for the life of me figure out what is wrong with you people… Who are you all who are stapling body parts willy nilly and running to the internet to figure out what to[…]


Things have definitely calmed down internally since the beginning of the week…I’m very much looking forward to today- somehow, I ended up with no appointments on my calendar (until tonight at 7, but hey…) and today promises to include Finishing sermon Catching up on correspondence- answering many of those emails you people have sent me[…]

to blog or not to blog…

There are inherent difficulties in the idea of a pastor blogging. Some of these might be… Transparency. How much? About what?Making statements of belief- for whom is the pastor speaking? Does he/she speak for the community as a whole?Growth- what I said last year (which you can see in my archives) may or may not[…]

Who Would Jesus Sue???

So, what do you do when an article you’ve written, which has appeared all over the internets (the good internets- not the bad ones…) is published in a print magazine in Canadia without your express written permission or even any remuneration or notice??? So who would Jesus sue??? (don’t worry guys- I’m just kidding about[…]

Michael Frost here… soon.

nextChurch and Western Seminary are hosting Michael Frost (who’ll be at Western teaching a DMin class) for a half-day presentation/lunch/Q&A. Frost’s book (written with Alan Hirsch) The Shaping of Things to Come has been one of the most influential, driving books in the whole missional/emerging/organic church conversation. I know it’s short notice (sorry), but if[…]

Best day ever???

Yesterday was a really hard day… I didn’t sleep the night before, a lot of people stuff/pressure happening, Jack being fussy, Amy and I worn out… Whew! And that was just my day off! Lucky for me it was the biggest day EVER here on! Creeping up on 500 hits!Thanks to Monday Morning Insight[…]