staple in my finger!

So, I’m running like crazy in between appointments, answering some email that’s been sitting too long, trying to make a couple of calls that need to be made, and thinking about sermon… Anyway, I just needed to make note of these 2 things: 1. I actually thought to myself today as I ran from one[…]

the update…

General update stuff… It looks as though the momentum for us moving is there. Everyone seems ready. I know it will be hard to leave the Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village, but it seems as though having the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne Blvd become one of our options is easing the pain. We had 92[…]

Slice o’ punkmonkey…

So… I know we’re all getting tired of my Slice of Laodicea updates… But today, oh my… We all know John O’Keefe, aka Punkmonkey is now at Connection Church in Hickory, NC? Well… Ingrid, in her continuing crusade against everyone not her, has made some interesting intimations about the artwork on Connection’s website. Two things:[…]

emerging church in Orange County?

Okay… need some help from the emerging ether out there… Someone who’s fairly well-known but shall remain nameless has asked me about emerging churches in the OC. Just wants to see what all the hub-bub is. To whom shall I recommend him? I’ve looked at the ooze links, relevant links, etc… There’s a bunch of[…]

Evergreen: The Movie!

Okay… our associate pastor’s wife Karli is taking nominations for who plays whom in the upcoming Evergreen: The Movie! We all know that Pastor Chris will be played by the guy from That 70’s Show I’m happy to announce that I have escaped being played by Jason Alexander probably due to some good weight loss[…]

world championships…

Okay… Kevin Cawley had the nerve to call me out on the next emergent facial hair style thing! He wrote: Bob– If you emergent folks knew what was good for you, you would go all out when it comes to facial hair…and I mean ALL OUT– like World Beard Championship style. These guys are my[…]

It’s like crack…

It really is. I know I shouldn’t look… but I have to! What’s the next INSANELY CRAZY thing those looney fundavangelicals will say? Look- I’m no fan of RIck Warren and the Purpose Driven Life stuff. It’s over-simplified and over-marketed. But he’s a brother. It’s helped many… It’s not evil So. In their continuing crusade[…]

How will we know?

How will we know when the critique of the emerging church movement has reached a helpful place? Here are some things I, at least, am looking for: Critique that deals with actual Churches. This is, after all, the emerging CHURCH movement. There are churches involved. More than involved, without actual commmunities, you have- rather than[…]