Tis the Season… Profoundly Disturbed on the Fourth of July

Profoundly Disturbed on The Fourth of July (redux):God, The Flag, and the End of AmericaAuthor‚Äôs note: This article was first published in the summer of 2003. Shortly thereafter, my church employer and I‚Ķuh‚Ķ parted company. It was God‚Äôs way of getting me off my rear and into the church plant that I am now leading, Read more about Tis the Season… Profoundly Disturbed on the Fourth of July[…]

favorite latest searches which have lead to my blog…

once in a blue moon princeton wi (Yahoo)philip morris blog (Google)surphing billy graham (Yahoo)rick warren heretic (Google)ray charles + sweet potato pie (Yahoo)INTJ pastor (Yahoo)stop “Mark Driscoll” (Google)who wants to date a beautiful overweight lover (MSN)“i hate teaching” (Google)zombo (Google) “who wants to date a beautiful overweight lover”????So, again, I say… what the heck? 🙂

our forum…

Our forum goes through periods of extreme activity and then takes a breather, and then back again… but by and large it’s a pretty active one. And it’s been a huge part of building our community- I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you talk about dialogue and consensus, but don’t actually give people a Read more about our forum…[…]


I’ve been wanting to blog all day… but I got nuthin. Sorry, dear blog o’ mine. I’ve gone through times of blogging fecundity… and then there’s these desert times. So- RandomThoughts‚Ñ¢ Tonight is Theology Pub. Talking about Church. I wonder who will come? It’s been a different crowd every week, which makes it difficult to Read more about blahg…[…]

Aquinas on Scripture… and a generous orthodoxy

“In questions of this sort there are two things to be observed. First, that the truth of the Scriptures be inviolably maintained. Secondly, since Scripture doth admit of diverse interpretations, that no one cling to any particular exposition with such pertinacity that, if what he supposed to be the teaching of Scripture should afterward turn Read more about Aquinas on Scripture… and a generous orthodoxy[…]

post secret

every saturday or sunday post secret posts a new batch of secrets sent to them via postcard… this week’s are really, really depressing… this is one of the few that aren’t. Was it a horribly bad week for a whole lot of people?