pulling it out of my…

As I am at a retreat this week, working through Leadership Fom Within, I haven’t been blogging too much… but here’s a nugget. This morning we had to break up into small groups (some of you are shivering already) and talk about what each other has meant to us this week. Now, while I waver[…]


answers to questions from two posts ago… you all can still answer them below or on the original post! what am I learning?I am learning how to be a pastor. I think it will take awhile, and I say this in all seriousness. I see this as the work of my life for the next[…]

apparently, pt 2.

I guess I’m persecuting the church. I had no idea. I’m also, apparently, unqualified to be a pastor. crap. I wish I had known… Oh, well, too late to stop now! Here’s a comment left on another post on my blog. good times, good times… THis sounds more like the ant-Church {Editor’s note: pretty sure[…]


some random questions that occur to me as I sit here in my chair this morning, watching the sun come up. maybe I should ask myself these periodically… what am I learning?what is God forming in me?what am I (pastorally) forming in others?what is the practical outcome, the tangible benefit, to others of my life[…]

the barbarian way…

I started Erwin McManus’s new book, The Barbarian Way, this morning. One passage- “Jesus is being lost in the religion bearing His name. People are being lost because they cannot reconcile Jesus’ association wih Christianity. Christianity has become docile, domesticated, civilized. We have forgotten that there is a kingdom of darkness stealing the hopes and[…]

organic church

I’m hoping to write a book this year on the organic church… as a step in that direction, I want to begin sussing out the concepts in our weekly email and in this space. Feel free to help shape the project by commenting questioning or just plain cheering 🙂 Entry one, containing no major revelations[…]

Who else can I talk to?

Last night at Wordstock, I had what is becoming an increasingly common occurance in my life… We were standing in the lobby, after Don Miller’s really great reading (I had no idea he was such a big guy!), and we bump into this woman who visited our church for the first time. Her name had[…]

staple in my finger.

When I was a kid, I once stapled my thumb. I was playing with this little, school-desk sized stapler I had which no doubt I would be prohibited from carrying to school these days (insert wild stapler rampage joke here).I was playing with the stapler, and at one point it “clicked.” “That’s funny,” think I.[…]

blog everything…

so I’m driving down the street yesterday, on my way to Western Seminary to meet with John Johnson, which we do on wednesdays when we’re both not totally overbooked and overstressed… and I see this guy. He’s sitting out in front of the old masonic temple which has now been converted to a pub and[…]


“I feel a commission to work under God for the revival of this branch of His Church– careless of my own reputation; indifferent to the comments of older and jealous men. I am thirty-six. If I am to serve God in this way, I must no longer shrink from the task, but do it. I[…]