learning with a smile

I’m sitting in starbucks (the Office) and I’m watching some people speak in sign language… not sure which are deaf and which are hearing, but two just showed another a new sign. It’s just really cool to watch three people communicate, and with huge smiles on their faces, teach someone a brand-new word. I love[…]

redefining children’s “needs”…

I try not to blog during work hours (unless it’s a day off), but I need to get this down while it’s still fresh… Just had coffee with another church planter in town. He’s in touch with a family who has kids, who say they would like to be a part of his small church,[…]

my contribution…

so I tried to post this to the wikipedia article on the Emerging Church, but got edited out as too POV (point of view)… but it’s now up on Next Wave. (I love that Charlie guy who runs next wave. He publishes a lot of my stuff. I send jive to the Ooze and at[…]

blogging about talking about blogging

so… when I was down at the Emergent convention some weeks ago, I skipped the Bloggers lunch. Someone asked me why and I said something like: Blogging is self-referential enough, without getting together and talking about it. Last night, we talked about it. We do this Man thing at the Horse Brass on Mondays (I[…]

a prayer for one year on…

Thank you God for one year… Thank you for using our little pub church to help heal my soul. Who would have thought that the very thing that hurt me so much could also be so healing? Thank you for an unfinished people with problems and struggles, who manage nonetheless to be kind and considerate[…]


so we did our easter thing 🙂 It was good… but I’m beginning to notice something. It feels to me that those weeks which used to be “the big ones” in our old paradigm of church life are less than… I don’t know- satisfying(?) to me. Maybe it’s because the Christmas eves and easters tend[…]


I feel like crap… Good Friday mission accomplished, I guess… we had a smaller-than-i-thought turnout tonight. I don’t know how it went, or how people did with tonight… maybe good, maybe not-so… I didn’t feel God there. That really bugged me. I thought- Why can’t I feel God here. Why isn’t this more “meaningful”??? Is[…]

buy this book…

so, after PF Changs, we wandered over to Powells. Have you ever picked up a book, flipped it open… and fallen in love?The book is RealLivePreacher.com… it’s actually based on a blog of the same name- just blog entries, collected and published (hope for all you bloggers out there!)… I had to buy it. And[…]


apparently I’m going to be rich… Here’s the story. We went to PF Changs tonight. Good, good food. Long, long wait. Really good food… really long wait. Whew. BUT- the best part. The fortune cookie I got! It said, (and I quote): “You will inherit a large sum of money.” Yes! See, one of my[…]