so yes… blogging is very self-referential… it’s all about me. at least many blogs. (well, not about ME, per se, but you know what I mean). They are very solipsistic… anway, I just had this feeling that we were heading in that direction in our gathering yesterday… everyone was saying really, really good, nice stuff Read more about self-referential[…]

blog addict

so… you know you have a problem when as you go through the events of the day, you are mentally filing the things you will be blogging on later… and you can’t wait to get home to do it . problem!


okay.. now this is what I’m talking about. Having a good, good day here, people. Blocked out a day to write/read/think… got an article written (a pretty good one too) that manages to do what I’ve been trying to do: stay positive! (Okay- it’s not all positive, but mostly)See it here. Feels good to put Read more about alright![…]


so- up at 5:30 today, couple of posts on the forum, Bible reading, thinking, a little reading (“Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon MacDonald) and suddenly it was 6:30… man, that was one fast hour. A good one though. didn’t get to yoga/prayer though… you all should really get out of bed earlier!


Dangit! I think I had the settings wrong on this blog and so the archiving wasn’t working correctly… now all my beautiful thoughts have been lost… You will never be able to tiptoe through my back pages…crap.


my friend kelly gets mail from Chuck Palahniuk … and lives in a Fight Club House. Seriously!


so, yesterday, after the gym, but just before buying some deodorant at walgreens (aren’t blogs great? You get to read all this cool jive about my life!!!) I parked myself in front of S’bucks to check email quickly… I felt so badly. This guy came up to me and handed me a card. At first Read more about sorry[…]


up at 5 today… forum, Bible, get Jack out of bed, yoga, praying, now blogging… don’t read priorities into the order of that list 🙂 on second thought…