willy week article gives me the willies!

so… I got a call from a Willamette Week reporter a couple of weeks ago asking about evergreen for a potential story on the emerging church thing. We had coffee and a good conversation about “church.”

Yesterday I got a call from one of their photog’s to set up an appointment to take my picture for a story that will run a week from today (I’ll be on a plane to the emergent convention- hope I can grab a copy on the way!). Anyway, random thoughts on the subject:

1. I’m glad I’ve lost weight- wouldn’t want a picture of me at pre-loss weight running in the WW.

2. the previous comment shows the bad, bad, bad effect this is having on me.

3. It’s not about YOU, bob.

4. last night I got an email from a free-lance writer who had recieved a copy of the talk I did at Warner Pacific via email (!) and wanted to “interview” me for a story she would submit to Christian News Northwest

5. It’s not about you, bob.

6. I couldn’t sleep early this morning

7. part of the reason is that I worry about coming across really, really negative in any print story. I think my church philosophy seems harsher on paper.

8. What did I say? Am I going to get angry calls from my former mega-church employer? Yikes!

9. Maybe I should just shut my mouth

10. But seriously- long before we started this whole thing, when thinking about my “life’s mission” (no, not inspired by Rick Warren… it was John Eldredge) a big chunk of it was changing the face/course of the American Church…

11. To do that, I need to say “I don’t know if thisand this are really good in the long run for the church… and that’s going to hurt some people’s feelings who have based their whole ministry around that.

12. Please God, let me not come across as an arrogant young jerk.