invasion of the loud christian women

ughh. my nice quiet study starbucks has been invaded by two loud Christian women… they are currently discussing gynecologists and their approaches. I put on headphones for awhile, but had to turn the music up so loud to drown these women out it actually hurt my ears. Doesn’t anyone get the “You are bothering me”[…]


met with an insurance agent today to talk about insurance for the church- everything from general liability to sexual misconduct. Favorite question: “Are you planning any hayrides in the next 3 years?” Dang- so many details… don’t sue us.


what’s wonderful? The election results? no, no, no… Starbucks has finally rotated (I think, I hope, I pray…) Ray Charles and Sweet Potato Pie out of the loop. In it’s place? Lovely, soothing old music by Bing Crosby and others… songs like La Mer. love it.

the hardest thing

so.. I’ve really been dissatisfied with both my preaching and the gatherings I’ve put together over the last few weeks… I know most of that is just the ever-eternal internal critic talking, but still. Yesterday was tough… I feel as though what used to be the easiest thing in the world to preach on- sin[…]