just do it…

so, on hearing the opening strains of SWEET POTATO PIE for the 3rd time today, I got up and asked them to change it. “Is there any possible way you could press fast forward and skip this song?” says I “are you serious?” says she “Yeah,” says I. “third time today. Two to three times[…]

sweet frickin potato pie

so the other day, I was excited that it seemed they had moved the ray charles duet CD out of the rotation at starbucks… it seemed like I was going to get away with spending a few hours working at the ‘bucks and not hear Sweet Potato Pie… I heard a Christmas song, but still…[…]

starbucks music

so anyone who knows me knows that I spend the vast majority of my time in starbucks. no, not because I love their delicious coffee and pastries… we have no office right now and since most of my work time is either meeting with people or sermon prep/study/emailing/phone calls, starbucks works. The problem, however is[…]

back on blog

okay. Gonna start blogging again. I’ve realized that many of my posts on our forum could better be blog entries- so those who want to read them can… but no one’s forced to just to keep up with forum traffic.