You know those moments when you’re in a good back-and-forth conversation with someone you trust and a light bulb goes on? You realize something about yourself, or that you already instinctively know the answer to a question that’s been keeping you tied up or stuck?

Those light bulb moments are what coaching is all about for me. The ministry leaders I coach tell me that they gain personal insight into who they are as a leader and identify goals and the steps it’s going to take to get to them.


What coaching clients are saying:

“Outside input from a seasoned and knowledgable coach and pastor like Bob has been invaluable to me as a new church planter.  Bob has helped me in my context by asking insightful, Spirit-led questions that help me do what I want and need to do in life and in ministry.  Giving Bob the permission to explore, analyze, encourage and motivate me has been an incredibly positive experience.  That, along with his focused, perceptive and caring demeanor have helped me grow beyond where I would be on my own.  Without a coach like this, you will never realize or actualize your full potential, both personally or professionally. ” – W.W.


“Bob’s coaching has been pivotal to my development as a church planter and a disciple of Christ.  Bob’s experience as a husband, pastor, and church planter come to bear on every conversation we have, and always bring a fresh take to my decision making process.  Among the many benefits to working with Bob, perhaps foremost has been the way he constantly challenges me to apply values that do not change to a situation that should always be changing.  The clear communication, and personal style in which Bob coaches always helps to capture the unique vision God has placed inside of me, and make it approachable and measurable for my community.  I have always felt heard and understood in my conversations with Bob.  While being an experienced church planter himself, Bob always helps to develop the unique vision I have without, remaking the vision to look like his.  I am forever grateful for the contribution Bob has made in the life of my community and myself.”- J.F.


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